If you have already been in our restaurant, you will know very well that, although cozy, Petra is also little tiny… and, well… we don’t have too many tables. You won’t have many problems at lunch time, as it is a constant flow of people, and you will only have to wait five of ten minutes at the most before being seated; it is at night, when the moon rises, that things get complicated and it is better, if you know the day, to make a reservation beforehand by means of:

  • Phone: +34 933 199 999 If the reservation is for today, please use the phone instead of the e-mail or the form for us to be able to confirm our availability to you.
  • E-mail:  (please indicate your name, phone, date, time, and number of persons) booking@restaurantpetra.com 
  • Fill out the following reservation form (if today, please call):

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