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  • Unpretentious, unsophisticated, very good.

    It is an original place, with really creative dishes, homely and very correct. Personnel are solicitous and kind. And prices are very reasonable, considering its location. Very recommendable.

    sergibarc (
  • Sooooo nice and beautiful

    A friend of mine brought me yesterday to Petra and I think that. apart from being very nice and cosy, and for NON-smokers, price-quality relationship was excellent. Eating the 2 of us, starters and main courses plus the coffes, for only 29€, on Sunday and close to Santa Maria Cathedral, was a bargain. I ordered a very nice salad with courgette slices, endives and lettuce, dressed with spoonfuls of guacamole… mmm, so nice! And then gnocchi with a sauce of natural artichokes and... ham, I think. I guess they can cut prices as many courses - salads, pasta, meat and fish - do not need much preparation, but their quality is very good, they are very well made, and by themselves. I didn't taste the wine or the desserts, so I can't not speak about them, but I left Petra enchanted.

    Dyrcona (
  • Appetizing and budget

    Restaurant located in the Born, Barcelona. Enchanting and tiny restaurant, with a not very long menu but very appetizing and cheap, what is really unusual in this part of the city. Welcoming and always original. Very good option for bohemians with not very deep pockets.

    Worlcitizens (
  • Salads and carpaccios

    Petra Restaurant is one of those places you don't know, no one has told you about, you never heard about… When finally discovered, you ask yourself: but where have I been for the last 10 years? ;-) With a really original façade, you can't find out what actually it is if you don't look at it twice. Decoration is original as well (lamps are made with cutleries), also the menu list (stuck on bottles), but it is specially original and delicious as far as its courses are concerned: salads, carpaccios, hamburgers. We found it by chance, after going out of Picasso Museum, and now it is a must for me. Don't forget to reserve, as it is a small restaurant and it fills up quickly!

    Eva Pm (
  • The charm of the Gothic and the good food.

    Very close to a small corner of Sta Maria Cathedral you can find a small restaurant, intimate and nice, where you can savour dishes such as hamburgers and very well prepared scrambled eggs. Unsophisticated but impeccable execution, at a price in alignment with current times, and great attention to customer. Totally recommendable.

    numerosiete (
  • In the shade of Sta. María del Mar

    We had lunch today, 30th March, in this wonderful restaurant. Not only the food - Venus rice, mushrooms with ham and quail eggs, the white wine, and the desserts - but also the attention given to us and the ambiance were exceptional; price-quality relationship was very good, we will recommend the restaurant for sure. Congratulations!!

  • Romantic and select

    Romantic and select place, decorated with good taste, at the heart of one of the most beautiful areas in Barcelona. 8.7/10

    Juan Ramón (
  • A pleasure for senses

    Besides the Catedral del Mar there is a restaurant which left me lost for words: Petra. Decoration is absolutely original; it is small but very nice. Everything in the menu seemed fantastic. I finally ordered the marinated salmon salad with peanuts and wasabi, and the Venus rice afterwards (black rice with sobrassada and mahon cheese). Absolutely recommendable. I would like to remark as well that the attention given to us was excellent; we went out of there with a smile on our faces!

    inetxu (
  • Good menu, great attention, welcoming, and at good price. Very recommendable.

    To remark: salads, hamburgers, duck confit and desserts. Small plates, as in all around in Barcelona. Relaxing, welcoming, good ambiance and very kind personnel. Budget prices. We will come back!

    vondasmeer (
  • Charm at a good price

    One of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona with a great charm-price-quality relationship. As people say, it is "cheap and cheerful", what else could I ask for?? Original menu and at a good price, very friendly staff, at the heart of the Born, and super cosy… this is why I love it!

    Laura C (
  • Pleasant

    This small restaurant from the Born, whose menu is not very long but very varied and original,is the perfect place to spend good time with friends or a romantic soirée. I will come back in my next visit to Barcelona. It is essential to make a reservation, that's for sure.

    Maríamb (