Have you ever had a conversation like this?

  • What could we give her as a gift this time? Maybe a nice belt..? Perfume..?   regala-una-comida-2
  • Will she like?
  • I don’t know …she has everything!

It is always the same: years go by and ideas get scarce. But… why couldn’t this year be special?  Why don’t you give a lunch? Or a dinner for two?

An original gift

Regalar una cena
Come and pick up your gift at our restaurant: we will give you a spice pot with a personalised voucher. Surprise will arrive at the moment the person in question finds out that the gift is not only a spice pot but a lunch or a dinner.



How much does it cost?

You will be asking yourself how much «Petra Gift» costs, isn’t it? The price for two persons, lunch or dinner, starts from:

60 eur.