«Midday dishes» daily menu

Our «Midday dishes» menu is a menu we change every week and which lets you choose among different starters and main courses and also includes several desserts, bread and drinks.

Tuna, lentils and sweet tomato salad


Initially we were considering to show on the web all the dishes on the menu, with their photos and descriptions, but actually we change them very frequently, almost every week depending on the season. What we can tell you is that, in essence, this is a very balanced menu whose starters are salads, creams or pasta, and whose main course is meat or fish.




Lunch special

Cauliflower soup with goat cheese and curcuma
Green salad with couscous, guacamole and dried tomatoes
Vegetables papillote with “romesco” sauce
Scrambled eggs with codfish and red peppers
Zucchini, brie cheese and hazelnuts pizzeta
Grilled sea bass with black garlic mayonnaise
Veal steak with mushrooms sauce
Grilled turkey with coco and curry sauce

12.75 eur.



Our «One dish and more» menu

Turkey in wild mushroom sauce and arugula The working days you can also opt for the menu «One dish and more», which consists of a main course served with a small bowl of salad or cream and one drink.

Eating healthy in a record time

Don’t waste much time in deciding what to eat with this trouble-free menu: just come, sit down and enjoy our healthy and balanced food in very little time.

7.50 eur.