Petra BornPetra is a restaurant from Barcelona located at the beautiful district of the Born. Petra has a very unique style and is very close to the great church of Santa María del Mar, a temple which has inspired real literary successes such as the Cathedral of the Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones.

If you already know the Born, also called the Ribera district, it is going to be very easy to find us from the frontage of Santa María del Mar. If you are in front of its façade, we are at the first alley on the left. Have you got your bearings? We are in that narrow street aside the high and impressive Santa María’s stone wall, pure stone which gave its name to the restaurant: Petra, from Latin «petra», which means stone, rock. That was the name freehand scribbled by Ada Parellada, the Semproniana’s landlady ( ) who run the restaurant from 2000 to 2012. However, Petra’s history starts much before, around 1975, when it was called «El Carpanta». Nowadays the restaurant is ruled by us: Sam and Joan.

Restaurant Petra - Inside

You will find us at 13, Sombrerers Street – Banys Vells («Ancient Baths») corner. We are more or less in the middle of the temple, just beneath the bells who ring with their own names: L’Andrea, La Maria Salvatella, La Conventual (Lent) and L’Assumpta. LThese are the bells of Santa Maria del Mar, in the Born.


Petra is in a very charming place, a street formerly inhabited by the hat makers guild from Barcelona; a street where they traded and lived together in this authentic alley from the Rivera district; a place which still keeps the scent of Barcelona at the beginning of the fifteenth century, a fishermen’s district only 200 metres far from the sea.   inside the restaurant in the Born

Petra is a restaurant where you will discover little things such as its handmade leaded glass windows composed by elegant coloured glasses, amusing lamps, walls full of tiles, wood chairs that sometimes creak charmingly, mirrors, furniture as your grandma’s ones, or toilets in a noticeable Catalan modernist style.


We didn’t want to introduce our restaurant only. Now you know us a little more. Serving lunch, dinner and group menus is our main aim.

We wait for you! Sam & Joan